great UI & UX

A great UI is key for any mobile application success. Menu, product, content, features & branding, all contribute to a great UI & UX designing

search & filter

The search & filter panel will scan the entire database and application with the search term & filter criteria showing only relevant data thereby saving huge amount of user's time.


A great brand is created when the user is engaged the most. Our brand engagement tool engages users on various activities by allowing products social sharing, push notifications, etc.

account management

Users, once it registers, can manage its orders details, wishlist, personal details, address book & last 5 views.

loyalty program

Loyalty programs in form of coupon codes, social rewards & buy X get X free can be implemented customized for product level as well as category level.

API integration

We would provide third part API integration like payment gateway, SMS gateway, email gateway, shipping company API, etc

magento CMS

Back-end will be Magento based web CMS. Admin will be able to manage to manage the front end content using the CMS. Magento provides access great build back end features for management.

integrated front-end

Admin doesn't has to take hassle of of managing back end separately for each platform. Our integrated system means that once you update anything on Magento CMS, changes are reflected on all the mobile app platforms and website


Android mobile application: 70,000/one time
iOS mobile application: 80,000/one time
Windows mobile application: 80,000/one time