digital catalogue

Our digital catalogue tool enables admin to manage the products and its attributes in an organized structural way which is more relevant to website end-users.

user engagement

Engaging customers with your business products is the best way of having constant inflow of orders from customers.

rich shopping experience

Rich features like image zoom-in, multiple images for each product, videos, etc; is definitely going to encourage users buy products online.

order management

Order fulfilment if one of the most important thing in ecommerce. Fast, efficient though simple to use process will make retailers live easier in day to day activities.

customer management

Customer's are key to any business. We give you rich tool wherein you can easily manage your customers by the area, shopping pattern or by any events related to the customer.

inventory management

Our invertory management module helps you manage your stocks in back-end. You can view your available product quantity at any point in time.


You don't need to invest huge in marketing. We give you tools to market your business on social media sites, one-to-one & search engines at no extra cost.


Secured online payment, restricting band-end data access are few of many security related issues in eCommerce website. Doers tries to address all the security related issues.

try on you!

The dilemma users face while shopping online is- "how will it look on me?". We solve the dilemma. We allow users to upload their selfie and try the product on their own.

market place

Want to allow multiple companies to become a integral part of your company? We add space wherein multiple brands can register with you and sell their products on your website.

Drag & Drop

Worried about the big budget product shoot on models/locations? We have a solution! Select a model and then drag & drop the product on that model.


Website is not that all we give. We provide quality service as well as help you setup ecommerce website by providing you add-on services.